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Every one of us has some distance to go when it comes to our relationship with Christ. As twenty-first-century women, it often seems that the challenges of our modern lives make it even more difficult to live an authentic friendship with him. Thankfully, we have the lasting examples of women in the New Testament to show us how to draw close to Jesus, no matter what our circumstances might be.

At His Feet is written for the woman who desires to rest in the peace of the Lord. This Bible study, specifically designed for women, helps us surrender to God's will and, in doing so, find the true freedom that only our Savior can offer. Like us, the New Testament women featured in this study knew what it meant to struggle with the burdens of life and with their own sinfulness. But when they encountered Jesus, their lives were changed forever.

Like the women of the New Testament, we can bring Jesus our burdens and receive his healing, his love, and his grace. We, too, can experience the life-changing power of drawing close to him and resting in his love.

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